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Don't miss another day of class! Join us today! Our Teen/Adult program focuses on learning self-defense while having fun and making life long friends.

Freedom Martial Art's Teen/Adult program is a specially designed class for ages 13+. We combine our teens and adults so that the teens can gain valuable insight from the adult students and adult students can encourage and foster the passion for Taekwondo. Our program primarily focuses on Taekwondo training but also includes other forms of Martial Arts to ensure that students are well rounded. The Teen/Adult class is a great way for students to gain much needed confidence, while engaging in challenges that promote physical fitness. Our Taekwondo classes incorporate three key aspects of Taekwondo: Traditional, Fitness/Sport, and Self-defense. Join us today for a free class!

Our school is a proud member of Taekwondo United, which allows our students to attend national and regional events, such  as: Tournaments, Summer Camps, and Specialized Training Events.  

If you would like to sign up for a FREE class or you would like more info please contact us at, call us at 205-564-8818, or fill out the form below. 

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