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In today's society knowing the basics of self-defense is critical for everyone. Our self-defense seminars focus on identifying threats, recognizing when you are in immediate danger, and learning how to counteract those dangers.

At Freedom Martial Arts, we place a special focus on self defense because we realize that the world we live in today can be a dangerous place. We teach multiple types of seminars that focus on what specifically each group needs.


Our kids self-defense classes work on teaching kids how to handle a threat that is most likely larger and stronger. Kids are taught to escape the situation by making noise, causing distractions, and using one of many other techniques. Kids are also taught how to recognize a threat and to avoid it. 

Our Teens program teaches students how to recognize a threat, understand the consequence of their actions, and how to use specific self-defense techniques.

Our Adult programs can cover a wide range of topics from situational awareness to quick and easy defense techniques. We teach adults a whole arsenal of techniques that help them avoid conflict in the first place and defend themselves if necessary.

We offer different self-defense classes through out the year and would be more than happy to add you to our email list when our next class is coming up. Please fill out the information below and one of our team members will get back with you. 

We also offer private self-defense classes free of charge for groups of 10 or more. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has the techniques they need to stay safe. Please contact one of our team members today if you are interested in setting up a free self-defense seminar. You can contact us by calling 205-564-8818 or email us at

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